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Emergency Road Calls

Should you be in need of emergency assistance in Chicago, Fix and Tow can help you out of a tight spot. Should you find yourself with a flat battery and require a jumpstart, or you have a flat tire and need it to be changed, or you’ve suffered a lock out and need to get back into your vehicle, we are here to help get you back on your journey. Run out of gas? No problem, we’ll supply you enough to get to a service station to refuel. 

Should we be unable to attend to the problem at roadside, by request we will tow the vehicle to a shop for attention. 

We also undertake insurance work; we’re here to get you and your stricken vehicle back on the road, safely and swiftly. 



Fix and Tow strives to continuously supply customer satisfaction with excellent service and cost-effective pricing, having provided a safe, cost-effective and efficient service to new and existing customers for 20 years..

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